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2021 Ramadan Timetable for the UK

Ramadan timetable for London

Ramadan is one of the blessings of God on Muslim and Allah showers all his mercies on the Muslims in the holy month. On Islamic calendar, it falls at number nine in the list of Islamic months. It is the duty of every Muslim to observe Ramadan with true spirit and devotion. A huge majority of Muslims all over the world celebrate Ramadan by fasting on the days and offering prayers in the evenings. However, Ramadan timetable keeps on changing every year and it varies from one region to another. Like Ramadan timing in

Ramadan works in a lunar based system which is quite unpredictable the exact date and time of its start. It varies from country to country according due to the difference in the lunar calendar. Everyone must have Ramadan 2021 timetable so that we can fulfill our religious commitments with full devotion and dedication. The variation is mainly caused due to the difference in sun rise and sun set all over the world. Like Ramadan timetable for Birmingham will be different with the Ramadan timetable for Bradford with fewer minutes. However, the start of Ramadan begins with the moon sighting and the committee decides the emergence of the moon in the sky with strong evidences.
Further details can be obtained from the Islamic holidays 2021, which also contain information about the Ramadan and Eid-UL-Fitr dates. Different committees work in different regions to announce the Ramadan timetable for the country/region.

Ramadan Timetable For London
In London, the first Ramadan is expected to start from the 27th May, 2021 on Thursday. However, the final announcement will be made by the local sighting committee a day or two before.

Ramadan timetable For Manchester
However, the distance in Manchester and London is not too much so, the Ramadan will start in the same time as in London.