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Medinah Hotels

We provide the devoted service to the global pilgrims for carrying out of their holy acknowledgments including Hajj and Umrah. Along with Umrah packages in 2023 we also give proposal of the comfortable hotels that provide varieties of facilities and services. Muslims across all over the world move around to this holy city for the accomplishment of their sacred duties to get the countless blessings of the Almighty Allah. Supporters recommend Makkah Tour ’s tremendous Umrah Packages from UK that achieves the customer encouragement level by assuring the convenient and cost effective services because we are IATA and ATOL licensed. Our reliable and affordable services are available 24 hours a day with complete guidance to away from any sort of trouble during the sacred journey. When you go for Umrah you would be given a list of places that you can visit which are known as Ziyarat. To ensure that you fulfill your dream to visit all the holy places you must book your flights to Jeddah . See below the list of holy places:


Medinah Hotel Details

Hotel Name Hotel Type Distance to Makkah Action
Madinah Oberio Hotel 1 Min. Walk
Shaza Al Madinah 1 Min. Walk
Shaza Al Madinah 1 Min. Walk
Dar Al Iman Intercontinental Hotel 2 Min. Walk
Dar Al Taqwa Hotel 1 Min. Walk
Western Al Harithia Hotel 1 Min. Walk
Dar Al Hijra Intercontinental 1 Min. Walk
Hotel Name Hotel Type Distance to Makkah Action
Royal Dyar Hotel 750 Meters Walk
Dyar International Hotel 600 Meters Walk
Radisson BLU Hotel 900 Meters Walk
Dallah Taibah Hotel 900 Meters Walk
Sofaraa Al Huda Hotel 900 Meters Walk
Hotel Name Hotel Type Distance to Makkah Action
Mubarak AL Massi Hotel 650 Meters Walk
Aswar Kartaj Hotel 650 Meters Walk
Zumurud Kartaj Hotel 700 Meters Walk
Taj Kartaj Hotel 750 Meters Walk

Holy Places In Medina

It is the second holiest metropolitan in Islam subsequent in Makkah and the entombment place of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Medina is gravely momentous in Islamic History for being where Muhammad's final sacred base was recognized after the Hijrah. In modern Islamic literature usually it is a contemporary city in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia, and serves as the capital of Al Madinah Province on the global map.


Uhud mountain

Mount Uhud is located in north of Medina. It was the location of the second combat between Muslim and Makkah forces. The Battle of Uhud took place on 19 March, 625, between a force from the little Muslim community of Medina and Makkah Forces. It is led by the Islamic prophet Muhammad from Medina Forces and by Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb from Mecca.


Burial site of shahids of battle of uhud

Muslims go there to pray at the Burial site of shahids of battle of Uhud during their journey to see the historical sights of Saudi Arabia.


Masjid quba

It is one of the most historical mosque which was built by Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and his companions.


Masjid qiblatain

It's a mosque where the Prophet was ordered by Allah to turn around his fascia from Masjid Aqsa in Jerusalem to the Kaaba in Makkah at the same time as offering prayers.


Dates market

The guests of Medina buy dates from the Mega dates market to get the pleasure of real taste. Many Muslims bring dates from that market for their families and friends as well.


Seven masjids

Seven Masjid is the most popular name of the famous mosques that have been located in the Mount Sala Vicinity, these mosques include, Masjid Al-F ath, The Salman Al-Farsi Mosque, The Abu Bakr Al-Siddique Mosque, The Omar Bin Al-Khattab Mosque, The Ali Bin Abu Talib Mosque and The Fatima Al-Zahra' Mosque. These are the six mosques in real number, but pilgrims by tradition take in a seventh mosque in the identified area leading to the popular name for the group.

You can depend on us and choose any of our Umrah packages for 2023. We assure you the trip would be hassle free and you would be able to perform all the rituals with full concentration.