Customer Notice !

We only use HSBC & Barclays Bank for transactions:

    Number: 23 ** ** 68
    Sort Code: 40 ** 12
  • Barclays Bank Title: 7 CONTINENTS TRAVEL LTD
    Account No.: 33 ** ** 48
    Sort Code 20 ** 33

We will not be responsible for any transaction made in any other account except this one.

Dear Valued Customers:

We would like to bring to your attention that some fraudulent companies / Individuals are attempting to falsely associate themselves with Makkah Tour. When searching for " Makkah Tour " on search engines, you may come across websites that appear to be Makkah Tour but are NOT. These Phishing scams are re-directing funds to personal bank / card accounts and Makkah Tour will never ask fund transfer / card payment into individual bank account. Kindly refer to https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/collection/phishing-scams for more information to protect and report phishing scams.
As such, you may come across websites that look and feel like Makkah Tour.
To ensure that you are booking with the genuine site, we recommend the following measures:
1. Verify the exact URL: https://www.makkahtour.co.uk
2. Look for the ATOL license number 10416 & IATA license (91280442) logos displayed on our site.
3. Makkah Tour only uses domain names as follows: @ makkahtour.co.uk.
4. We ensure that our payment provider is a 3D authenticated gateway and all your personal details are secured with Trust Payments in accordance to PCI compliance.
5. For phone bookings, We will never request payment details over the phone. Instead, we will send you a 3DS Payment Link over email and text messages, which the descriptor will match our website name on the customer card statement.
6. Before making any money transfers to us, please validate our bank details on your bank portal/app or request info@makkahtour.co.uk to provide complete bank details.

We will always prioritize the interests of our customers. If you have any doubts or concerns, please don't hesitate to call us at 0203 195 8700 or email us at info@makkahtour.co.uk With your help, we can prevent these fraudulent entities / Individuals from tarnishing the reputation of Makkah Tour. For further information, please read our T & C’s on https://www.makkahtour.co.uk/about-us.php

Debit cards

  • we also accept debit cards. Debit cards without signed authorization from the cardholder through third party are not acceptable. We owe the right to cancel your bookings in case of non-payment.
We have a right to cancel your bookings in case of non-payments or we can delay your bookings. Please read the payment instructions carefully and pay according to your booking requirements or the method convenient to your needs.