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Cheap 5 Star Non Shifting Hajj Packages 2024 from London UK

Makkah Tour™ is offering 5 star hajj packages and Umrah packages from UK. We are trying our level best to provide the best packages to Muslims brothers and sisters in UK to go to Saudi Arabia and enjoy the journey in low budget price. Main purpose of Makkah tour is to provide affordable packages of Hajj packages 2024 and Umrah, so you can worship Allah Almighty. Being the fifth pillar of Islam, hajj or the act of making pilgrimage is a mandatory duty for Muslims. Adult Muslims are required to perform hajj travel once in a lifetime, if they have physical and financial ability. For many pilgrims, hajj is perceived to be a journey of body and soul at the same time and makkah tour has decided to give priority to minimizing journey expense in a low budget, so it is considered as cheapest hajj packages from manchester.

We also take care of Haji's group and give them all with the facilities up to their complete satisfaction. We try our level best to make their spiritual journey as one of the best events in life when performing Hajj and Umrah including lodging and boarding with appropriate guidance at every step.
The importance of hajj can be seen in the hadith of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) he said:
"he who performs Hajj and does not speak obscenely or commit evil then he returns from his sins just as the day his mother gave birth to him."

Our sole purpose is to assist you in a better way so that you can find more space-time to get involved in prayers and rituals. We offer best services with Hajj packages reviews; in our expert designed packages you will find all kinds of facilities and services. They are many people who could not avail hajj packages 2024 and missed Hajj pilgrimage. Now they don’t have to be disappointed Makkah Tour™ is offering Hajj packages Bolton. Our clients are never left alone during the time of hardships. In case you have any issues while you are traveling you would be attended with staff members.

You don’t have to worry about the steps of performing Hajj, as we have trained “alims” who will guide you through the whole procedure and give you material to study, so that you do not miss out anything. In case you have any questions you can get in touch with trainer. We also facilitate our clients with a list of things that they would need during the trip. Things should be kept according to the weather, because during the day it’s extremely hot and cools down as evening sets in.

Our hajj packages from UK will not let you down. All the arrangements will be made according to your needs. Food will be provided also during the stay.
Out of many Hajj Packages from London in the market, Makkah Tour™ is the best one in town. All our flights are covered by air travel organizers licensing (ATOL) scheme. When you book hajj and umrah packages UK tour with us and make the payment for the packages, we will provide u an ATOL certificate, you can check it and ensure each and everything related to your journey, flights booked, accommodations hotel information and other information and services and facilities you pay for is listed in it. Our cheap Hajj 2024 packages uk are for everyone. We have guides who are professional and will guide you at different ziyaraat in Makah and Medina, with proven historical background.
Now you can fulfill your dream of paying a visit to the holy land to perform Hajj or Umrah with Makkah Tour™, in the most comfortable and affordable packages.

We, at Makkah Tour™ serve our clients the best because comfort and satisfaction of our clients is our basic priority.

Characteristics of Best Hajj Packages

Those who are eligible for Hajj they need to perform the duties of Hajj before death. Of course, you will have rewarded for performing the Hajj obligations. A Muslim get paradise after completing the actual duties of Hajj by heart, not for showing manners.

At one point, the messenger of ALLAH, Abu Hurairah (R.A) said:

O peoples, ALLAH made compulsory the Hajj obligations only for you guys, so it is your duty to perform Hajj.

Makkah Tour offering their best facilities and also serving the unique packages. You can book our service throughout the world. We are proudly declaring our Hajj packages in 2024, to our honorable clients for a safe journey through their homeland to Saudi Arabia. Our service includes the hassle-free journey of Mecca, Mina, Arafat or Medina just to perform the holy ritual through perfectly.

How Can You Choose Our Hajj Package?

Simply visit our web page or you can visit our office for booking your Hajj package 2024 deals. Make sure you will get proper information before choosing our service. A person who lives in Pakistan or outside Pakistan is eligible for getting our service.

You will get the hassle-free service because we have a skillful team, which care each and everything. Particularly, we are here to serve you with care with the proper guideline of Hajj obligation. We are one step far away from your call, so call us today, if you really want a valuable service.

What You Experienced Through Our Service?

Choosing the best opportunity means, you really care about your money. If you want to experience the shifting or non shifting Hajj package deals, then consider only our service. We are here to guide you from each and every step. We really feel proud when you share your opinion from others when you experienced our luxury Hajj package. We have designed all packages as per your required, so you never face any kind of issues.

We have a well organized or skillful team that can cover all spiritual aspects. We have a different range of Hajj packages from VIP to economical and also provide all sort of traveling class. You will get the following factors from us:

1. 24/7 customer service
2. 100% satisfactory result
3. Luxury buffets and food meals
4. 5 Star hotel accommodations
5. Convenient spiritual service
6. Luxury Buses for traveling purpose

It's quite a troublesome task when you don't get any valuable service, which is best for performing your religious obligations. It's your first duty to choose the traveling plan according to your desire. Also, you can customize the Hajj packages means you can add or remove the facilities. So, book our service before it's too late.