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Feel special to be chosen one

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الْهَدْيِ مِنَ اسْتَيْسَرَ فَمَا أُحْصِرْتُمْ فَإِنْ لِلّهِ وَالْعُمْرَةَ الْحَجَّ وَأَتِمُّواْ

And perform the pilgrimage and the pious visit to Makkah in the honour of Allah, and if you are held back give whatever offering you can easily afford” [2:196]
We should be thankful to Allah taa’la for His countless blessings that he called upon us to visit His Holy House Kaabah. We should be thankful to Him as much as we can. This is the path which was being followed by all Prophets. This is the centre point of the earth and therefore Allah taa’lachose it for His House. Before the creation of earth there was water on it. And afterwards a bubble was created and Allah taa’la wanted His house to be on the same place. Then Prophet Adam (A.S) built a place of worship upon these foundations. As mentioned in the Quran [3:96]:

..لِلنَّاسِوُضِعَ بَيْتٍ أَوَّلَ إِنَّ

“Indeed,the first house ever built up for mankind..”

This is known to be the first House built in Makkah. Not the resident house, the house for worship. It was built for the purpose of worship. Therefore this is known as the first Holy House built for the worship of Allah taa’la. Allah taa’la gave us a chance(taufeeq) to come and visit His house. It is seen in this world that whenever someone is angry they don’t allow the other person to come their home. Like if there is a clash between father and son, between two neighbours etc. they will not allow the other person to come and visit them out of anger. But once the permission is granted the other person becomes so happy and delighted just to know that he is been invited.

Allah gave us taufeeq therefore we should be thankful; because whenever Kings call upon someone they do not call that person to take something instead they call that person because they want to grant that person. Likewise, Allah taa’lainvited us to His house to grant us His countless blessings, forgiveness and much more. So now the one, who receives, has his own relationship (mamla) with Allah taa’la. The one who will perform with more sincerity (ikhlas) will get more. 

Different things may weigh the same but their pricesare different. Likewise, everyone performs Hajj and Umran but it is upon Allah taa’la to grant them and to accept them the way He wants. Therefore we should be thankful to Allah taa’la throughout our journey that He chose us out of so many people for His pilgrimage. We should do more and more shukar and should be more and more humble towards Him.

This journey is a journey of worship (ibaada).  Therefore, this journey will encompass some obstacles as well like someone’s luggage is missing, flight delay, visa problems and other different scenarios. Whatsoever the situation may be, but we should be thankful and should do patience (sabar) on these troubles.

If we know that Allah Almighty is going to give us acceptance (qubooliat) in return to these obstacles then we would have wanted for more hurdles. We are ready to bear more and more once we get to know that we will get Allah’s mercy in return. Secondly, if Allah says your sins are so big and I want to forgive you but I want to give you punishment. So we want the punishment of this world. Even if he would have said you have to pass through fire in order to come near my House, many people would have done that too. Even if they had to sell their children just to get a glimpse of Holy Kaabah, His lovers would not have hesitated doing that as well.

In olden days people had to spend their journey in the ocean, particularly during Ramadan they had to spend their entire Ramadan in water. They had to travel for months. We should be thankful for the comfort we have. Shaitan tries to trap us because we have more luxury at our homesand we get angry if something goes out of our will. We should not be showing attitude (naz) to Allah instead we should be humble (niyaz). We should make these small obstacles and hurdles a chance to seek forgiveness from Allah taa’la.

The worldly love requires a person to pass different trials. So Allah is our True Beloved (haqeeqimahboob) so ask ‘Oh Allah you made us reach here now please accept us’.

You can understand it with a very simple example that there is a King who has set a party for his guests and in the meanwhile he invites his servant to be a part of that dinner as well. So the servant would happily accept that invitation. That the King has invited us”

Likewise, this Umrah is a crowd of Allah’s lovers and we are one of those servants who are invited by the King. So try to utilize this time in asking as much as you can because you are the special one and you are chosen one to embark your spiritual journey. Once Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said;

Allah is angry with those who do not ask anything from Him”

So ask for Allah’s mercy, forgiveness and whatever you desire on this prestigious journey.

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