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Eatmarna – App for Umrah

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Islamic pilgrimage Umrah is the second and most authentic Sunnah ritual for Muslims. It can be performed throughout the year. However, millions of Muslims visit the holy Makkah to perform this minor pilgrimage. This is the simple act of purifying the soul and mind to bring great peace into the people’s life.

But the outbreak of COVID-19 brings a huge break in this ritual and Muslims had not traveled to Makkah in a few years back. For the continuity of Umrah, the Ministry of Hajj/Umrah announced to reopen the Umrah process with tranquility.  Saudi Arabia allows the UK’s citizens to visit the Holy Kabba for the Umrah and get true perks of this holy ritual. Authorities were allowed to access the Holy Kabba after doing strict precautions like vaccination, PCR test, and social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during Umrah. If you also wish to perform Umrah this year, then you must first receive approval to do Umrah ritual with effective and discussed safety guidelines. The pilgrim should follow the general precautionary measures set by the Umrah authority in the KSA.

What Basic Measurement To Follow For Umrah?

The KSA official authority announced new rules and terms for pilgrims who wish to perform Umrah this year. The guidelines will be available from August but only vaccinated people are allowed to visit the Holy mosque.

  • PCR And Quarantine Requirements

The very first, the pilgrims are advised to provide PCR test results that should be negative. This test must be taken 72hrs before arrival in the KSA. On the other hand, pilgrims are also required to complete a quarantine process that is mandatory according to the government’s rules. The pilgrim should stay in the hotels for the quarantine periods that are approved by the Umrah authority. Travelers should be required to complete this process for stopping the spread of COVID-19 and get a permit to enter Haram. On the other hand, UK residents are also advised to provide a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. It is essential to follow all these measures as they will be helpful in the protection and prevention of the COVID.

  • Rules Of Social Distancing

Before COVID-19, there would be crowding and the flow of people in the Haram was well-organized. Now authority allows the limited number of worshipers to visit the Makkah that would be a clear rule to maintain physical distancing. Therefore, guiders and agents at Makkahtours also guide and monitored the pilgrims to follow proper social distancing and mask rules. This time face mask is also mandatory that provides a barrier against the COVID-19. So, we properly guide the pilgrims to perform Umrah in this pandemic situation that makes it easier to manage people and enforce all measures in the Haram during Umrah rituals.

  • Eatmarna Mobile App

The Saudi Authority also announced use of different mobile apps to monitor, record, and track all vaccination and test details of the individuals. Eatmarna is a valid mobile app that could be used in public and is important to trace the location of pilgrims. Eatmarne app is precisely dedicated to book-entry into the Haram that helps to manage minimum crowding in the Holy Kabba. We at Makkah Tours will guide the pilgrims that which app is valuable for them to maintain all measures of Umrah during this pandemic.

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