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Tawakllana-App For Umrah

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Saudi Arabia is ready to entertain the pilgrims through its new policy of tourist visas.  Though reliable and affiliated companies, the UK’s residents are eligible to apply for Umrah visas and discover the warm hospitality of the Saudi government. The pilgrims can also explore the rich culture, heritage, and breathtaking sights during their trip. However, it covers all necessities that are necessary to complete the Umrah journey with peace of mind. The Hajj/Umrah ministry announced that you will start your journey by getting the help of professional agents. They help to understand new rules and regulations for completing Umrah in a pretty easy manner. Thus, you can only get visa services from a reputable and affiliated agency by the Ministry of Hajj/Umrah.

Quarantine Rules

The UK is not on the red list of Saudi Arabia, so the Muslims who reside in the UK may be able to fly directly for the Umrah ritual.  The UK’s citizens are not restricted to complete quarantine process but they should follow basic rules set by the Saudi Ministry. The best option is to visit the website of Makkah Tours and keep you updated with new requirements for the visa designed by the officials of KSA.  It will also be possible that you may quarantine yourself even if you are vaccinated, so you should follow all the basic rules of Umrah during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Are The Basic Rules For Umrah?

The official authority of the KSA has decided to bring new policies and rules to manage the crowd during COVID-19. For this, they announced to launch Tawakkalna app that facilitates the pilgrims and also helps to compete in the modern travel market. For enhancing pilgrims’ Umrah’s experience, the Hajj/Umrah ministry aims to manage health and SOP’s standard by using Tawakkalna that have all basic details about the pilgrims. For this, you ensure to get the help of professionals at Makkah Tours who provide enough knowledge about new Umrah measures and rules.

Tawakkalna App Is Mandatory

Tawakkalna app was originally designed to manage the crowd and support the government to fight against the spread of COVID-19 in the region. On this app, the pilgrims get the facilitation of issuing movements permits in the Haram Shareef. Now the authorities launch Tawakkalna app with new features that facilitate the pilgrims to get credentials effectively. People enable to acquire quick and live information about the COVID-19 situation in Saudi Arabia. Muslims can download this app on iOS and Android phones that would be helpful to maintain proper safety measures in the KSA.

Features Of Tawakkalna App

There are the following features of the Tawakkalna app:

  • On this app, the pilgrims can book an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine that is necessary to check entrance eligibility.
  • This app also shows PCR test details and appointment timings.
  • The app confirms that the customers have taken all doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and are fully immunized to complete the Umrah journey.
  • It also featured information about COVID infected or suspected persons in the vicinity.
  • Tawakkalna app also displayed permit information issued by the ministry of Hajj/Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

Thus, if you are going for Umrah, you should download and register yourself on this app for showing your immune status and enjoy Umrah without any hassle.

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