Best way to Perform Umrah

How To Perform Umrah?

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Every year, Muslims from all over the world perform Umrah. Umrah is not just a physical trip. It is a path to pray for mercy and to strengthen the bond with the Creator. The true nature of Umrah is in the believer’s submission, humility, and devotion to Allah. It reminds us of the ultimate Journey toward the hereafter and leaves a never-removable mark on the hearts of those who perform it. It is proof of the unbreakable bond between Allah and His devoted servants.

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Unlike Hajj, Umrah can be performed throughout the year. Umrah is a non-mandatory act that Muslims should perform once in a lifetime. Maximum pilgrims in the UK perform Umrah in Ramadan. Yes, it brings enormous benefits to their mind and soul’s spirituality. This holy ritual can now be completed peacefully with the help of famous agents at Makkah Tours.

How To Perform Umrah in true meaning?

Umrah is a deed to purify the soul and heart from past sins. This ritual is considered best to please Allah Almighty. But at the same time, it is vital to understand the Umrah rituals. Muslims should understand how to accomplish Umrah’s task. Let’s discuss Umrah’s features and traditions, which are the foundation of this holy Ibadah.

Focus On Physical Purity:

Taking care of personal hygiene before entering into Ihram garments is crucial. The pilgrims must clip nails and remove hair from private parts of the body. Then, they must take a Ghusl (bath) according to Islamic rules. Men can apply to Attar, but women are prohibited from using any perfume. It should be done before the flight.


Ihram is a sacred state. The literal meaning of Ihram is to avoid all forbidden activities for a particular time. It is vital to wear Ihram before crossing Miqat.

Men and women are obliged to wear specific clothes. Men’s Ihram consists of two pieces of cloth. It is like a sheet covering men’s upper and lower bodies. Men can’t wrap their heels and ankles. And women are allowed to wear stitched clothes. But they should protect themselves adequately. Women can’t cover their hands and faces. Before crossing the Miqat, it is essential to come into complete Ihram condition and remove extra clothing. However, Muslims should perform two Rakats of Salah before entering the Ihram condition. It is Sunnah’s deed. Then, pilgrims make a dua Niyat of Salah. After Niyah, Muslims should start to recite Talbiyah.


When Muslims enter the Haram, they are advised to lower their gaze until they reach the Mataf area. They can lift their eyes and have a mesmerising sight of Kaaba with humility and obedience. And then, they should make Dua and utter specific words.

Circumambulation of the Kaaba is known as Tawaf. It is an obligatory state in Umrah. Muslims are bound to perform seven anti-clockwise circumambulations around the Kaaba. After completing the circumambulations of the Kaaba, it is compulsory to perform two Rakats of Salah.


After Tawaf, Muslims were obliged to perform Sa’y and start to walk between the hills of Safa and Marwa. It is a non-obligatory Sunnah but valid to complete Umrah. The pilgrims make seven rounds around the mountain. It is excellent that Muslims enjoy great health and have the energy to complete Sa’y peacefully.


Taqsir is the final ritual. In this ritual, men should cut off their hair, and women should trim tiny pieces of hair. For men, it is crucial to shave their heads, and their Umrah is acknowledged. If you are planning for Umrah, then grab the best Umrah packages at Makkah Tours.


These all above mentioned steps of performing Umrah play the most important role. Without these prayers pilgrims can not fulfil their umrah prayers. Umrah is the secondary highest prayer of islam. So, its way of performing must be awarded to every muslim.

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