How to Improve momentum after Hajj or Umrah

How to gain momentum after Hajj or Umrah

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Hajj is a blessing in itself. Those who are blessed to take on this journey, they should feel the spiritual enlightenment within themselves and should work hard to maintain those feelings after Hajj and Umrah. There are some key points which can help a pilgrim in maintaining the momentum of Hajj and Umrah.

Reciting Holy Quran

Reciting Holy Quran daily is one of the things that a person should do on regular basis. Even if one is unable to find time then they should at least try to recite it for two or three minutes.

Reciting and making Sunnah Duas

Make Sunnah Duas and all those duas which are a part of Holy Quran. Not only reading or reciting duas but also we need to feel them. Reading something and yearning for that thing are two different things. We need to realize the importance of a dua.Dua is something which has a strong potential to change our fate. Therefore, we should realize the worth of a dua and the worth of this sacred journey and should make duas that may our journey be accepted.

Consistency in Our worship

After Hajj, it is commonly seen that many people lack the ability to become consistent in their worship. The potential is very high after few days of return. But gradually we even become ignorant of our fardibadah. We miss one Salah then miss two and so on and so forth. We need to remind ourselves time and again that we were chosen by Allah (S.W.T) for this spiritually lifting journey and we should bring a change in our lives. We need to remind ourselves of the value of those duas that we made during Hajj. We should try to be consistent in our actions and worship reminding ourselves that we may not be able to perform Hajj or Umrah for the next time. Therefore, we should be very careful of our actions and doings once we come back from Hajj.

Reading Islamic books

A pilgrim should not spend time in mindless, heedless and heartless activities. It is very important for a pilgrim to involve in some useful activities like books readings and studying your religion under authentic guidance. This would be a source of seeking Allah’s mercy and His intimacy as well. Make your journey trouble free from financial hurdles with Cheap Umrah Packages. You need not to worry about your Umrah Trip and Umrah Travel; we will take care of everything for you.

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