Corona Virus Effects Muslim in Umrah

Corona Virus Effects On Umrah

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Whether you talk about the economy or any other sphere of life corona virus has the worst effects on an individual’s life, a group, a country, and even a continent. It is because it is a pandemic and has affected the world altogether. So it did to religious pilgrimages like Hajj and Umrah. Umrah has never been like that before. It was a continuous journey that Muslims make from all around the world and the process never seemed to stop now the situation seems to be a little better than when it was at the time of the spike in infected cases and that of death. Here you will know about the effects of corona virus on Umrah.

It Has Majorly Affected On Flights

It has impacted majorly on flights. Airlines seemed to be going into a period of economical loss. These losses were a major blow to the economy of the countries they belonged to. Flights were not booked the way they used to be. Now people have no way to make bookings. They don’t know how to get tickets. As for Umrah flights they were incessant but due to the outbreak of corona virus, they seem to be a lot less in number than before. In fact, there was a time when there was hardly a person trying to make bookings for Umrah.

Less Number Of Pilgrims Is Going

Due to the corona virus pandemic, there are just a few people who have made bookings for Umrah. It is because of the fact that there has been a lot of danger and confusion also about what was going to happen next to it. Making a few people travel for Umrah was also risky because the chances of a rapid spread could be encountered. At the time when the cases were on the rise, the Umrah journey was totally halted. It is because the government was bound to do that as there was no other way to deal with the situation.

Not Everyone Is Going To Have The Opportunity

If we talk about the current situation still there are not a lot of people who are able to perform Umrah. It is because not everyone is getting the opportunity to get it done. Social distancing along with a lot of other precautionary measures is making the government keeping the number of pilgrims limited. Risk is not totally wiped out which is why everyone is still cautious about it.

Risks Are Too Much Higher For The Rapid Spread

Umrah and Hajj are the types of Ibadah in which there is a huge gathering. The major cause of corona virus spread is the contact with the other person or the closeness. It is the reason why this Ibadah has been grossly affected and it still is. No one is sure about what is going to happen next to it and whether it will be all set and solved or not. The most important thing is to focus on prevention rather than running after the treatment. We should hope for the best for performing our sacred religious acts the same way again.

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