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Travel In The Haramain Train And Reach Within Two Hours

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Every year, millions of Muslim choose to travel in Mecca and Medina for making their religious obligation possible. For satisfied the pilgrim needs of traveling Saudi Arabia introduced the fastest train name as “Haramain”.

In 2017, the train was coming into being. It covers the distance from Mecca to Medina within two hours, there is no stay between the journey. Indeed, the Haramain train specially introduced for Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage, so pilgrim makes their traveling in lesser time. The starting point of the train is the industrial city of King Abdullah in Rabig.

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) head department, Al-Rumaih provide the train as a high-speed railway that has a turning point in the modernizing of the transport system.

Haramain Train Schedule:

Today, the Haramain is famous as the fastest transport around the world. The reason behind this, it is accelerating with 300 km/h speed. Particularly, the train schedule arranges by the Saudi Arabia government. Meanwhile, the schedule is as under, the train runs between Mecca to medina only four days in a week (Thursday to Sunday).

Recently, covering the distance between the two cities only takes 10 hours, now the changes occur rapidly and the covering distance of this train is decreasing to two hours. In case, the train stop somewhere, for a general reason then the time takes 2 hours or 20 minutes.

Haramain Train is the most innovative technology in the present world. A passenger buys the tickets from online rather than ticket office. In the first flight, only 417 passengers were departed in Haramain.

Main Features of Haramain Train:

  1. Most super faster train that covers the distance in minutes rather than hours.
  2. Reliable and most effective train
  3. More than 400 passengers can departure at one time
  4. Reduce the traveling time
  5. Buy tickets through online source rather than offline
  6. There is no long wait for the train because there is back to the back facility

Haramain – Provide traveling in hours

The train was built under the management of the Spanish firm. Meanwhile, the construction was the paid one and the payment submitted to the “Public Investment Fund”. The authority of the country has a hope that the train provides new turning in the industrial city.

As for today, the Haramain Train is considered as the most innovative invention of Saudi Arabia. Now it is assumed that the country is turning into the digital sectors. Also, the new terminal was created that is Jeddah Airport, as it is also receiving the aircraft regional airline.

Day by day, the pilgrim flow increases to 20 million people per year. This is the most sophisticated range for Saudi Arabia. As a result, it could be the second largest business for the State of the United Kingdom. Want to travel in Haramain Train, book yours Umrah Package Deals from Makkah Tour.

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