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Either Muslims are trustworthy or doubtful in Western Nation?

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Either Muslims are trustworthy or doubtful in Western Nation”

In the recent many years, there was a question about Muslims, either they are loyal or doubtful. The question about the loyalty of Muslims is increasing day after day, especially in Europe, France and the Germany etc. These countries are closer to the Arabs, which is almost linked with the Mecca, and Muslims use to go to the Mecca.

Status of Muslims in Western countries

By the research it is resolved that 75 plus Muslims are living in Western countries and they have regarded themselves as part of the hosting civilization and its involvement. And the remaining 25 percent at a halt do not mull over themselves as a social foundation of these realms. It is the negative part, and going against the Muslim community. Their explanation is that the menace move toward from the unreported sector of 25 percent, which at the hand apprehension sanctuary. The 75 percent Muslims are living in Britain, and their characteristic is especially their own religion, that is Islam. The most significant aspect of any country is about to the arm armed forces, and the German researchers show that the Muslims have not convicted on the army of Germany. This situation goes against the Muslim community.

Second group of Muslims

The second and the third age group of migrant are incorporated to the crowd culture, custom and thinking side by side with their personal religious way of life. And the remaining twenty to twenty-five percent Muslims are zealot and want to formulate America as a Muslim country. For that reason, they cut off themselves on or after even the worldly Muslim’s group and endorse their personal schools, but decrease their aptitude to be included with the additional populace at place of work. 

Muslims all around the world

Muslims are living all around the world; it is the basic yearning of the Muslims to go for Makkah Tour of the sacred place of Allah by the Hajj and Umrah packages. The last Messenger of Allah Almighty, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that one day the flag of Islam will cover the world. The day is coming, as Islam has been on the 2nd religion of the world. It will cover the world one day. 

Why some western nations hate Muslims”

It Muslims are considered as terrorist in some countries. Even it is not allowed to go there for them, especially for those people, who have the beard and mustache on their face and have long hairs an all that. These people usually related to the remaining twenty-five percent community of Islam. Western nations consider Muslims that they make violence, but it is not totally true, the real scholars of Islam preach as well as a Muslim should. They understand the other religion Holders that what actually Islam is, with the help of this method, they have converted many Christians, Jews or Hindu etc. into Muslims. Now we can see the pilgrimage (Hajj), which is the largest pilgrimage in the world, many Muslims from Western countries come to perform Hajj and Umrah. It is only possible with love and politeness to convert people into Islam, wars and using weapons and anger is not a method to overcome the situation. The people of Western countries consider us as a bad community, just because of those remaining twenty-five percent community members. It is the nature of humanity, give respect and take respect. As a true Muslim, it is our duty to control our anger and try to follow the rules and regulations of Islam, as Allah Commanded to do. Use love and respect for everyone and get a strong feedback, which will never against for Islam.

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