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Hajj is the fifth pillar of religion Islam in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The pillar is obligatory for each and everyone who is a Muslim, provided they are capable to visit the Hajj pilgrimage in terms of finance and physical and psychological fitness. A visit to Hajj is supposed to achieve peace and religious transformation and change to be a better human being. It’s a total religious journey that makes people realize the spirit of ALLAH Almighty and teaches a person to show sincerity and humility.
Before you leave for Hajj it is necessary that you know some of the things that are significant.

Who must go to Hajj”

*Every Muslim who is healthy and has the financial capability to reach Makkah must go to Hajj.
* The person must be mature and of sound mind enough to understand the significance of performing Hajj.
* Women also go to Hajj only if she is accompanied by her husband or Mehram (brother, father, son etc).
*Children can also visit to Hajj after they are 7 with the permission of his or her guardian. A baby is permitted for Hajj, provided its guardian performs the basics and integrals of Hajj.Preparations for Hajj:
Hajj is very holy and blessed experience and a person must focus on adequate preparations that only cannot be ruled out. A person has to invest money, time, and physical effort so that his sacred visit is a success and attains accomplishment. There are many things that a person must consider like:
* One must have all the necessary documents ready earlier to your departure for city Makkah.
* A round journey ticket is required if your visa is to be issued.
* Your travel agent must be well experienced in telling you all the detail about the documents and paper work that are required while you leave your country and even when you arrive at Saudi Arabia.
* You will also require certain vaccinations to obtain a visa.
* Take with you necessary and certain medications that will be helpful for infections and common cold disease etc.
* Clothes of Ihram are however recommended. Basics of Hajj
It is significant that you know why you are leaving for Hajj. The rites must be performed in peace and loyalty. Hence, you must have a peaceful mind and pious feelings and thoughts when you leave for Hajj. There are particular prerequisites that every Muslim must observe to achieve fulfillment.
* The intention to visit Hajj must be exclusively to devote you to ALLAH Almighty. This is not to make an impression on your friends or relatives.
* The expenses for Hajj must be paid only through lawful or halal earnings. Money earned from any kind of criminal acts is not acceptable.
* It is necessary that you must clear your financial debts or other obligations before leaving for Hajj.
* You must resolve all your issues or differences with others and ask for pardon if you hurt anyone in the past.

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