Different Types of Hajj

Types of Hajj

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Hajj is a prestigious Holy journey, obligatory upon Muslims who have means to perform. Besides a physical journey, Hajj is also a spiritual journey because it wipes off the sins like a new born child. Therefore, almost every Muslim has this deepest desire to perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime.
There are three types of Hajj; Hajj-e-Ifrad, Hajj-e-Qiran and Hajj-e-Tamattu.
The word Ifrad is a plural of ‘Fard’ which means ‘a single person’. Before entering to Miqat, the pilgrim will enter into Ihram with the intention of performing Hajj alone. The person who performs Hajj-e-Ifrad is known as Mufrid. A Mufrid cannot combine Hajj with Umrah. Since the word means isolated therefore the Mufrid must perform both rituals separately.

The word literally means ‘to combine two things’. Since this Hajj combines Hajj and Umrah therefore it is named as Qiran. A pilgrim who performs this Hajj will perform Umrah first. Then the pilgrim will perform Hajj with the same Ihram. The person who performs this is known as Qarin.
The word Tamattu literally means ‘to take advantage or to enjoy’. This Hajj combines both Hajj and Umrah. The person who performs it is known as Muttamati. The only difference between Hajj-e-Qiran and Hajj-e-Tamattu is that Muttamati will have to enter into a new Ihram for Hajj after performing Umrah.
People going for Hajj or Umrah are considered to be very pious and pure because they have visited the Holy House of Allah which is the most sacred place on this earth. Many people, who cannot afford means to perform Hajj, yearn to take on this holy journey. Sometimes their financial resources, visa issues, flights, bookings or other things are hurdled in their way of performing Hajj or Umrah. For this purpose, those who were unable to perform Hajj this year can now attain the chance to perform next year with Hajj package 2016 or Umrah Packages 2016. These packages encompass everything including Saudi Visa, Umrah Visa, Umrah packages including flights and everything that a pilgrim can ask for.

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