Arrival Procedure Saudi Arabia

Have You Known The Arrival Procedure In Saudi Arabia?

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It doesn’t matter which package you are choosing like Hajj Or Umrah Deal for making the pilgrimage obligation toward Saudi Arabia, all of you have to fly into Jeddah airport. Initially, if you plan to stay in Madina then your flight is landing in the Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport. But most of the time, the majority of pilgrims landing in the Jeddah airport. Meanwhile, the Jeddah airport has a busy counterpart as compared to Medina airport.

The procedure of staying is slightly different; in case you are performing Umrah. Have patience, and get things done. Let’s discuss the arrival procedure in Saudi Arabia for pilgrims.

Arrival Procedure In Saudi Arabia

Hajj Terminal In Jeddah Airport:

There are three-terminal of Hajj in King Abdulaziz International Airport that is given below:

  1. South Terminal – Domestic
  2. North Terminal – International
  3. Hajj & Umrah Terminal (located close to North terminal).

All the pilgrims must proceed from the Hajj & Umrah terminal for performing their religious obligation. The first two terminals are not using enough, but out of Hajj seasons, these terminals are also used. Before your arrival in Saudi Arabia, ask your agent about which terminal you’ve to report. It is better to get in touch with your agent, so you can bitterly know all the proceedings. The Hajj & Umrah terminal is the largest terminal throughout the world and it is about 465,000-meter secure long. In its roof, a white tent made from fiberglass is structured. There is a lack of walls for ventilation, so the fiber roof provides shelter.

Arrival in Saudi Arabia:

Make it sure, you have completed the procedure of disembarkation card or arrival card that can be provided by cabin crew before landing. In case, you are unable to receive the card, you can ask the crew and get yours. Also, ensure that you collect all your luggage, as you disembark in the plane. After that, you will board a shuttle bus to reach the Hajj terminal.  When you reach the terminal, thus you will be ushered in the waiting lounge where disembarkation card or your passport will check by Saudi Arabia’s agent. You have to wait for a while until the process is completed.

Immigration Process:

Once the disembarkation card processing is complete, thus you are transferring from immigration hall. In this hall, everything is checked like visa, vaccination, passport, plane tickets and certificate. Meanwhile, baggage handling, immigration or customs will be handled in an air-conditioned building.

The checking level is separated according to genders like male and female. After that, you will be proceeding to another hall. Everyone has its own access like visa, passport, relevant documentation or your luggage key.

At the time of immigration, there are long queues but you have to get your fair amount before seen officially. In the other hall, your health checks will be carried out and maybe you have to proceed for photographed or fingerprinted.

Luggage Proceeding:

After the immigration procedure, you have to keep an eye on your luggage that may be on the conveyor belt. Keep in mind, that your stay must be closed to your residence area. In case, someone lost their luggage then they can collect the lost or missing luggage. It is the recommendation to add some mark in your luggage so you can easily recognize your bag. Indeed, it is true that there are a lot of bags in a custom room when you attach some mark, it will be recognized beforehand. With the help of luggage trolleys, it is easy to carry your bag, usually, carry a bag seems heavier. You will get the trolley from airport staff on your demand. Don’t collect the baggage trolley by yourself, you can buy from airport staff.

Custom Procedure:

When you finally get your luggage, thus your bag will be passed on the customs department. Just make it sure that your bag is unlocked, so customs officers clearly checked all the luggage. When the bag prepared them as unpacked then you search comprehensively. Make it sure that you didn’t take literature or any magazine as well as CD and DVDs. Lebel all your medication properly, so you will avoid problems. When the bag checking process is completed, a sticker will attach from customs officers that indicate that the bag is entirely checked.


Once the luggage checking process is completed, you will move onto the next stage. All the pilgrim moves to the air-conditioner building that has a large open-walled area under the tent. It is like a huge one and one might think that the Hajj terminal has enough space. Your luggage is taken away from porter, as it is placed in large trolley. Don’t lose your luggage, as the trolley is offloaded with luggage. It is better to keep an eye on your luggage, so you never face any sort of hurdles. Keep in mind, you don’t need to pay the porters for moving your luggage. In case, they ask for money then avoid it.

Travel Coupons:

If you are planning to perform the final obligation, then it is better to have proof. The payment must be made from a bankers draft rather than paying through cash. Meanwhile, you can pay through the Mutawwif, as it is the best Hajj service, provider.  Normally, the draft is factorized according to your Hajj package cost. It is better to hire a travel agent that completed all the duties on your behalf.

The payment draft must be attached with passport and used as a travel coupon. However, it will allow you to travel toward Saudi Arabia. As the Saudi’s state has a hard and fast rule. Once you depart, you have to come to the Naqaba desk, where your passport check is completed. A pilgrim has to fill the form and then sign it after that the voucher corresponding is considered as the travel coupon.

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