Shab e Miraj in Islam

Shab e Miraj

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For every Muslim Islam is the center of gravity of our lives. Islamic history plays a significant role in our lives. Ramadan, Hajj, Muharram, Shab e Barat and Shab e Miraj are one of the very few events which every Muslim makes sure of not missing out no matter where one is. Every year we have the opportunity of offering Nawafils, duas, remembering the Holy Prophet PBUH and sending darood o Salaam on Him. Like all other events Shab e Miraj has its own importance. It falls on the 27th Rajab of the Islamic calendar. There are very few people who actually know the detail of this particular day, but many others do not know much of it. It was a day when not only the Prophet PBUH met Allah Almighty, but also appealed to Him to lessen our count of prayers to five times a day. Shab e Miraj took place in the middle of the night when even the animals and birds were also fast asleep. The Prophet PBUH was fast asleep in Umm-e-Hani who was the daughter of His uncle Amir al-Mominin Ali. The detail is narrated:

From these hadiths, one can easily understand how the Prophet PBUH traveled to the seventh sky on his Al Buraq along with Hazrat Jibraeel. For Muslims this night is of great importance. People recite duas, do zikar and offer nawafils to ask forgiveness from Allah. The prayers for this night start after Isha prayers and go upto Fajar time.

  • On this night one should do maximum zikar and ask forgiveness.
  • Offer tahajud
  • Recite Quran
  • Do tasbeeh of Kalmas

Recite Darood Sharif as frequently as you can:

Prayers (Nafl) for Shab-e-Miraj
Perform 12 raka’at nafl salah, and then read these tasbeeh after nafal
After Salam recite the following 7 times each

  • Al Faatih’ah #1
  • Al Ikhlaas #112
  • Al Falaq #113
  • An Naas #114
  • Al Kaafiroon #109
  • Al Qadr #97
  • Aayatul Kursi(2: 255 – 257)

1) Subhanallahi wal humdu lillahi wa la elaha illal lahu walllahu akber (100 times)
2) DOROOD SHAREEF (100 times)
3) Astaghfirullaha rabbi min kulli zunbin wa atbu elaihi (100 times)

Then make DUA
After Salam recite the following 7 times each

  • Al Faatih’ah #1
  • Al Ikhlaas #112
  • Al Falaq #113
  • An Naas #114
  • Al Kaafiroon #109
  • Al Qadr #97
  • Aayatul Kursi (2: 255 – 257)

After the salat one should recite this dua:
Apart from this dua one should recite these:

You may then prostrate yourself and repeat the following invocation one hundred times:

When you raise your head (i.e. Finish the prostration), you may recite the following:

On this night make sure of not only asking forgiveness for yourself, but also those who have left this world, and for your dear and loved ones.

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