Hajj Flights in Coronavirus

How Hajj Flights Are Affected By Coronavirus?

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The problem becomes bigger and popular when it involves a large number of states or countries. This is the case with the recent outbreak of a contagious disease. This disease is COVID-19 which is a lethal disease caused by a particular type of virus. It is not just affecting people but is also being a cause of more than 3000 deaths across the world. The world’s largest religious gathering is at Makkah which is not seen at the time of Hajj only. It continues to be carried out throughout the year in the form of Umrah. The recent outbreak has made this place void of the pilgrims performing the rituals here in the sacred city. This seems to affect the Hajj flights also.

Government Has To Carry Out The Entire Process

The process by which the Muslims are made to perform this religious obligation is not a simple one. It is a rather complicated and long process involving a number of steps. This has to be carried out by the state government. In this process, any negligence or a mistake can become a cause of a major problem. Owing to this, the government has to change the schedule or procedure a bit differently. It can also cancel the flights altogether if the issue is really a serious one. It is also likely to affect the Hajj flights.

It Is Spreading Day By Day

The people are being affected in the world and the number is increasing. This can be an emergency situation that is like that in certain countries. Every day there are more cases than the previous one and sadly the death toll is also rising. This is the reason why Hajj flights are also affected. In order to make it possible for the people to perform Hajj with no fear of disease, the government is trying to adopt more and more measures and techniques.

Passengers Come From Different Countries

Passengers who have to land in Saudi Arabia for Hajj come from different countries. The reason is that this obligation has nothing to do with caste, color or nation. It has to with Muslims which is why the government is trying to adopt some cautious way to deal with such a problem. The problem can grow worse if the planning is not done carefully. Hajj flights will be affected naturally if the strict measures are adopted in the future. If this problem is eradicated before this season then it is likely that no such change is brought.

Quick Changes Are Being Made

Quick changes are made just because of the fact that the disease is not controllable at this point. This has to be done for the people willing to perform Hajj so it is something that is being dealt with very carefully. These quick changes will have a great effect as the authorities are trying to make it perfectly normal for the Muslims to travel safely. People have to pray for a better solution to this problem.

Hajj flights are not affected by the disease that is spreading rapidly in the world. They are being affected by the danger and the precautionary measures that are of paramount importance. This can be a bigger problem if left unchecked. The fear that has spread in the world is really bigger than the danger of the disease. This is the reason why the world has been alerted at once by the organization that works on an international level for global health. The measures, as well as the threats, are told to the people. One of the biggest effects of this disease is that on Hajj flights which are being affected in a number of ways.

People Are Getting Affected

People are getting affected by this disease as it is transferred from animals to men. This is the reason why the world seems to be affected by it. This disease can be a cause of death of the infected individual along with being a cause spread of this disease. Owing to this, it is very important to check this problem. The government of Saudi Arabia can impose a ban on Hajj flights if this problem is prolonged until the Hajj season. Hajj season is tried to be made more facilitated.

There Is Still No Cure

Every contagious disease is a problem but the one which has no cure is the worst of all. It does not mean that all infected people die. There is a very small percentage of those who die from this disease. Despite this, the small percentage is tried to be saved from this lethal disease. This is the reason why Hajj flights will be banned or will be limited if an emergency situation occurs in that period. If the system is secure and the risk is cleared then the flights will be continued like always.

Screening Is Constantly Done

Just because the screening is done constantly, flights can be hindered. This can happen in the Hajj season also. The flights will be affected a lot if there is such a problem. Screening is being constantly done still the number of patients that are scaling up. This is another reason for making certain changes in flights. It is not possible to screen a large number of people in a short time which is another big reason why the problem is affecting the flights. This can also happen at the time of Hajj.

The Number Of Patients Is Increasing

The disease is spreading and the number of patients is increasing. This is the reason why the government is more cautious than before. The people are being affected who are coming from the countries. This makes the problem worse as Saudi Arabia can become a hotbed of spreading this disease globally which is thankfully not. It is only because of the best system and planning which can be a bit uncomfortable but is majorly for the interest of people. This constant struggle can become a cause of quick improvements.

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