Mehram for Hajj Umrah

The Concept of Mehram for Hajj Umrah

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Hajj is considered to be one of the basic pillars of the religion Islam. It is obligatory for every man and woman to perform Hajj at least once in his or her life provided he or she is capable of doing so, means, he or she has enough resources and fitness level to perform the Hajj. However, an Umrah is an optional holy activity and it is not mandatory to perform an Umrah.

Islam and Nature

It is often said that Islam is a religion which exactly matches the various requirements imposed on us by nature. Islam is such a perfect religion which provides full protection and safety to even to the weakest people in the society. As far as women are concerned, Islam provides extreme respect to the women and the religion provides the various rules and restrictions which are in the best interest of the women and ensures the protection of the dignity and the respect of the ladies. One of these restrictions or supportive rules for women is that they are not allowed to travel alone without the company of a Mahram. it is important to note that these restrictions are in the own benefit of the ladies and they will feel more secure and highly respected if they keep following these rules in their life.

The Concept of Mahram

The Mehram is a male with whom a lady is allowed to meet and travel. There are several people who lie in the category of Mahram for a lady. These include husband, father, brother, son, etc. Different religious scholars have different opinions regarding the concept that whether a lady can perform Hajj or Umrah without the company of a Mahram or not. Nothing can be said with full surely in this regard as there is a difference of opinion exists in this regard.

A few Muslim scholars believe that Hajj is not obligatory for a lady who doesn’t have a Mahram available to accompany her during the journey for performing the Hajj or an Umrah even if she has enough financial resources available to bear the expenses. On the other hand, a few scholars believe that in such a situation a lady should give the money to someone else who will perform the Hajj or an Umrah in place of her.

Law in Saudi Arabia

As per the current law which is implemented in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a woman who is under the age of 45 cannot perform the Hajj or an Umrah alone without the company of a Mahram. At the time of submitting the application for Hajj or an Umrah, complete details and the proofs of the relationship between the Mahram and the lady are required to be submitted. If a lady is already 45 or elder, she can go for Hajj or an Umrah without Mahram provided she is accompanied by an organized family or group of people and submitted a no objection certificate from her Mahram in this regard. Lady’s must have at-least one Mahram who is 17 years or older to accompany her for the Hajj or an Umrah trip.

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