Niyah For Umrah

Importance Of Niyah For Umrah

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When you start your Umrah journey and set your journey to Mecca, so consider it as the transformation course, not just a trip. The genuine & firm intention will change you to the best level of commitment to Islam. From your mental attitude, personality, old habits, and outlook will be changed and cleanse yourself intentionally as in Islamic nature & practice. When you wear Ihram for Umrah, just think as a new starting of life like Ibrahimic style. Every action is judged by intention and has a specific value in Islam.

The holy journey of Umrah starts with the “Niyah”. Niyah is a necessary prerequisite for the doing of any sort of Ibadah. Niyah is used to differentiate certain acts of prayer or certain acts of worships from others. Niyah is the intention of doing acts of worship which are normally done in the heart but not by the tongue. Hajj and Umrah are the only event of worships where Niyah is expressed loudly. Pilgrims enter Haram by saying intention into the state of Ihram. It is suggested that one must do cleansing rites prior to wearing the given clothing Ihram & saying Niyah.

What Is The Importance Of Niyah (Intention) In Islam?

Niyah has great importance in Islam for every Muslims that the value of individual’s acts is truly based on upon his aim, intention, and purpose. Every virtue or deed of a Muslim should be for the sake of Allah and a Muslim should avoid the wrong path as it doesn’t bring any benefit in any form or shape. Even any devotional act can’t be performed without having the worthy intention; otherwise, it will be worthless in the eyes of Allah. The Niyah is like the precondition for the approval of actions by Allah.

Different Types Of Niyah

Niyah is the principle of value in all responsibilities including worship. Pure intentions to seek Allah’s love may take on different forms which are these:

Fear Of Judgment Day

The fear of the judgment day is the sound intention of worship for Muslims that keep them on doing good deeds & avoid evil ones. This is the reason that they fear of the judgment day, where all their actions will be judged & weighed by Allah. So Muslims hold the pure intention to avoid the hellfire and keep their way straight.

Thankful for Blessings & Aims to Get Allah’s Reward

Throughout the Umrah, Muslims will keep their intention of worship for getting the best reward of Allah. The best reward of Allah is a paradise which they will get to doing righteous deeds and performing their Umrah in the best possible manner. For having the reward of Paradise, a Muslim will give his gratefulness to Allah for His countless blessings.

Love For Allah

The Muslims must know that Allah is worthy of being worshiped and they spend their whole worship (Umrah) in the remembrance of Allah. Definitely, on the judgment day all human beings will be raised to the base of their intentions. So keep your intention pure during Umrah and remember Allah at every step of performing Umrah In 2019 because the core of Islam’s won’t change.

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