Importance Of Umrah in the life of muslim

Importance Of Umrah In The Life Of A Muslim

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Islamic pilgrimage Umrah is an act of worship of Allah that is a Sunnah deed. This is also called “minor pilgrimage”. Muslims can perform minor pilgrimage throughout the year. However, this pilgrimage is not obligatory like a Hajj, but it brings great rewards for the Muslims. The millions of Muslims gather in the Holy Kabba for achieving the closest to Allah (SWT). For the Muslims, Umrah is the pleasurable deed that makes them feel important in this life and afterlife. In Islam Umrah is the way to show love and respect for each other by stripping away all the signs of pride, wealth, and social status. The pilgrims wear a simple and pure white dress that is called Ihram that Muslims carry during the Umrah pilgrimage. These acts of worship purify their souls and refresh their sense of purpose in the world. Therefore, Umrah has a great place in the life of every Muslim.

What Are The Purposes Of Umrah?

Umrah is a non-obligatory but righteous deed that every Muslim wants to carry out once in a lifetime. Those who are financially and physically strong or able can only perform this holy ritual. However, this journey brings a huge chance of wiping out the past sins and starts a new life with fresh souls. In Islam, Muslims allowed performing Umrah multiple times in their life. Therefore, Kabba is considered the most sacred and Holy place for all the Muslims where non-Muslims are allowed to enter. Hence, Umrah is equally important like Hajj, but one needs to keep his total focus on the real purpose of Umrah which is the worship of Allah.

1.Boost Sense Of Tranquility

During Umrah, millions of Muslims come to perform this holy ritual from all corners of the world. The Muslims come together and show their care & love for one another. They help each other without any discrimination and obstacle of status, caste, and creed.

2.Shows Muslims Unity

In the Holy Haram, Muslims forget their economic status, nationality, caste, and race. Throughout this holy journey, Muslims stand united and wear the same dress that shows the peaceful nature of Islam and Muslims.

3.Get Worldly Benefits

Umrah is not only purifying the soul and mind, but this Sunnah deed also brings lots of worldly benefits and rewards for every good deed. Muslims refresh their sense of living in this world and come to know that what the real purpose of their life is. Hence, Allah gives many worldly rewards to Muslims who spend their time and wealth for Allah’s sake.

4.A Learning Journey

Minor pilgrimage is considered a great chance to wipe out the old sins. Every step of Umrah Muslims remains together and learns others’ traditions, cultures, and habits that a great deal of spending quality time with each other. The pilgrims also learn the history of Islam and the life of the Last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions. This gives the strong message of the brotherhood of the Muslims. Umrah is the most divine expeditions that change the life of a Muslim. During this Holy trip, Muslims meet with different peoples who have different regional or cultural identities. They gather at the one platform for carrying out the same and delightful ritual. This Sunnah act brings gratitude, strength and loving feelings among the Muslims. Therefore, Allah gives huge rewards and some blessings of Umrah that are mentioned here.

5.Get A Chance Of Remaining Allah’s Guest

The Holy journey of Umrah is considered the best way to remain Allah’s guest and attain His satisfaction. This is a great chance for the Muslims and stands as a blessed person to be a guest of Allah. During this journey, the pilgrims feel calmness and leave all the bad habits behind just for seeking forgiveness from Almighty Allah. Then Allah will surely hear them and never leave let them down.

6.Expiation Of Sins

Umrah is the method to purify the soul and mind from old sins that the person has done before. Allah will reward the Muslims and forgive their sins and complete their wish of getting the highest place in Jannat. Muslims get freed from sins as newly born in this world.

7.Get Rid Of Poverty

Every Muslim performs Umrah for getting Allah’s forgiveness and blessings. After Umrah, the Muslims who are facing financial issues will get their smooth business back. Indeed, people don’t perform Umrah for the removal of poverty, but Allah will show His mercy and blessings for the Muslims that is certainly an unexpected reward. Hence, you can imagine the benefits of Umrah in this life and hereafter.

8.Equivalent Deed Of Jihad

In Islam, Umrah brings great and innumerable rewards. However, in the Hadith, it is narrated that for the young, women and elderly people Umrah is considered equivalent to a jihad. No one can imagine the magnitude of this reward. Hence, who is not strong can get the huge benefit of doing Umrah and get the precious reward that brings inner satisfaction too.

9.Some Other Benefits

Umrah is considered as a mini Hajj that contains various essential rituals. Therefore, it brings huge rewards in different aspects. For the Muslim who take his family and parents with him and educate them about Islam and Umrah, rituals are considered a great reward. Though, you can get many rewards of Umrah when you travel with your family.

Performing Umrah is a great virtue that brings lots of blessings of Allah. From the start to the end of the Umrah journey, you can take many benefits. So Umrah has great importance, value and benefits in Islam that brings a level of spiritual purity among the Muslims. The Muslims who perform this holy ritual with a pure heart and deep intention can get Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. Hence, the imperative obligation brings a smile; calm and peace with Muslims live. However, you just need to know how to perform Umrah and the sacred rituals that help to heal and purify the soul.

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