Great History of Holy Kaabah

A Short History of Holy Kaabah

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Kaabah’ the Holy House of Allah is situated in Masjid Al-Haram. According to a scholar Abu-Najih “Kaabah is named because it was elevated from the rest of the ground therefore it was also named as a ‘square’”. According to another scholar it was name because it was prominent and high than other buildings. It is also known as ‘Bait-e-Ateeq’ because Allah has protected it from the non-believers.
The construction of Kaabah had undergone through more than one phases. First time it was built by Angels. Second time it was constructed by Hazrat Adam (A.S). Third time it was built by Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). Fourthly, it was constructed during Quraish (before Prophet S.A.W.W became a messenger) and lastly Hazrat Abdullah Bin Zubair (R.A) reconstructed it.
Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and his wife along with their son Isamail (A.S) went to a place which is known today as Makkah. Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) would more often go and visit his wife and son. One day when Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) went to meet his family, he said to Hazrat Ismail (A.S), “Oh Ismail, Allah has ordered me to build His house here and you have to help me for this”. Both father and son, obeying the command of Allah, constructed the Holy Kaabah. The place where Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) stood on a rock (stone) to build the roof is known as ‘Place of Ibrahim (Maqam-e-Ibrahim)’.
For Muslims Holy Makkah and Madinah are the most sacred places on this earth. They visit these places to seek forgiveness from Allah and to seek His intimacy. These places are particularly associated for worshipping because Holy Kaabah is the first House ever build for the worship of Allah. But these places also demand a pilgrim or a Muslim to show respect and sincerity while visiting. Many people today are very disrespectful and do not realize the worth and blessings of this place and therefore they complain about their journey. For this purpose Cheap Umrah Packages will help them to resolve their issues related to Umrah packages and offers pilgrims to worship at Makkah without getting worried about their flights for Umrah and bookings.

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