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Dowry in Islam

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Islam is the lenient religion. Being a Muslim it is really very important to follow the instruction and recommendation. Islam is standing into five pillars. These all necessary, and if one of the pillar falls, then religion will become weak, Islam covers into five pillars. Some are necessary, some are recommended, as like Shahadah (to believe only One Allah), prayers (five times in a day), Sawm (to keep fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan), and the recommended pillar is, Zakat (to give charity for the sake of Allah), and Hajj (the pilgrimage). These two are recommended for all, but essential for those who are financially strong. People use to go for an Umrah visa because to enjoy the journey of Islam. Those who are not financially strong, there is leniency for them, they can go by some trustworthy Travel agency like the “MakkahTour” Travel Agency by the cheap Umrah tickets. There are some things which are not Haram but highly dislike of Islam, one of them is dowry.

Dowry in Islam:

Dowry is not a part of Islam, it is simply like a gift, which is given by the parents of the women. It could be money or property or something like this. If it is given by the parents to their daughters happily and affordable then it is acceptable in Islam, but if it is taken forcefully from the parents of the girl by the opposite family (parents of boys), then it is no doubt haram in Islam. It is totally wrong, before the arrival of Islam, it is given as the property of the girl’s protector. The ideal of Muslims, the last Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him, gave His daughter various gifts, when she married Hazrat Ali. These things actually essential for Muslim bride, it is consisted in the Sunnah. 

The things were:

  • A bed with imprinted designs.
  • A leather made pillow, stuffed with the bark of the date trees;
  • One cup;
  • One leather skin to carry water;
  • Two grinding stones, and Two earthen pots.

These are the things which was given by our Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him. But now a days, they demanded of the opposite side (family of the boy) are increased. The girl’s parents have to fulfill those demands. 

What is the best dowry for a woman”

The best dowry for women is about to perform Hajj & Umrah. Parents should give dowry to their daughters, in the form of Umrah visa. It will be the best dowry for a Muslim woman. It can be Haq Mehar of the bride. With the passage of the time, human needs increased, the poor become poorer, and rich become richer. To overcome this problem, a community of travel agency has decided Hajj and Umrah packages, so that everyone can take the bliss of the Islam. 

Greed of dowry:

Dowry is well translated, if we said that dowry is the gift which is given by the parents to their daughter. But the concept of dowry is totally changed nowadays. The other family (male’s family) order the list of dowry to the parents of the girl, otherwise the girl will not be married. It is happening actually, the poor are attempting society, and it is one major cause. This is the situation for everyone. Young girls do not get married, that’s why they turn into evils. It is ordered to the Muslim community to marry their daughters as soon as possible, otherwise they turn into sins or bad ways. Allah Almighty orders to the Muslims to follow the rules of Islam, otherwise you will be destroyed.

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