How to Perform Hajj Step by Step in English

How to Perform Hajj Step by Step in English

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Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and every muslim has to fulfill the duty atleast once in their life. Makkah tour will help explain how to perform hajj. There are many people who are not aware of the whole procedure, our trained and well versed ulema will guide before you leave for Hajj. You can find all the steps of how to perform hajj step by step below. We make sure of helping our clients in the best possible way and if you still have any questions then please feel free to ask.
When a pilgrim makes a Neyaah (intention) and recites Talbiya, then certain allowed things become haram for him. Ihram is the combined action of neyah and talbiyah. The two sheets that haji wears is also called Ihram but once neyah and talbkiyh are made only then you are in the true spirit of Ihram, till then he does not become a muhrim.
There are the Steps which people don’t know and they question how to perform hajj according to sunnah, those points are given below. They are easy to under and help you in performing all the procedures without a hassle. In case you have an issue or do not understand anything, feel free to ask us at Makkah Tour.

First Day of Hajj – 8th Zil Hajj

You will never have an issue with understanding the rules and regulations; as we have recorded how to perform Hajj step by step procedures. The first day starts after the maghrib prayer of 7th zil hajj. You must complete your Hajj preparations, during these night hours.

Preparation of Ihram

Comb your hair, shave the beard, trim your mustache, cut your nails and remove unwanted body hair. How to perform hajj step by step in English is available in print and video form with us.


Take bath and with the intention of Ihram, otherwise do wadu.

Ihram (Dress)

Men should wear 2 sheets of white cloth, one around the waist and other to cover the upper body.  Ihram for women is the ordinary clothes which they wear in daily routine. Both should not cover their middle bones of the upper part of the feet by wearing Flip-flop slippers.

Nafal Salah.

If the time is not undesirable (Makruh), men offer two rakahs of nafl for ihram in the Haram Sharif by covering their heads, while women can offer these Nafils at home.

Intention and Talbiyah

Now uncover your head and declare your intention Saying “O Allah! I intend to perform Hajj. Please make it easy for me and accept it from me. Amen.” After that immediately Talbiya three times and as often possible which men should say in loud voice but women should say in subdued tone. Once ihram is worn all the prohibitions will be applicable.

Departure to Mina

After the sunrise of 8th zilhaj move towards mina, keep reciting talbiyah during the journey. You can also recite other dua’s but it’s better to follow the procedure of Mu’allim who is guiding you. For your convenience Makkah tour has recorded series on how to perform hajj video. These will help you in following the steps. 

Stay in Mina

Offer the Zuhar ,Asar , Maghrib and Isha prayers in the mina. Spend that night in mina and on 9th of Zilhajj, offer fajar Prayer there.

Second Day of Hajj – 9th Zil Hajj

The second day of hajj starts with the departure for Arfat after fajar prayer in Mina. One should recite takbeer e Tashriq which is Allah-o-Akbar Allah-o-Akbar La Ill-Allah wa Allah-oAkbar Allah-o-Akbar Walilah el Hamd”  and also say Talbiyah and get ready and move towards Arfat, so that you could reach there by Zwal time.

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