Making Hajj Worship

5 Points Need To Consider At The Time Of Making Hajj Worship

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Islam is the second-largest religion across the globe, according to one research. Well, Islam based on three facts, discipline, faith and unity that tell us how we spend our daily routine life. For Muslims, following the prophet Sunnah (PBUH) is the basic part of life. There are two obligations toward Saudi Arabia that is Hajj and Umrah.

Have you ever wish to travel to Saudi Arabia for completing your Hajj ritual? So plan your Hajj tour this year and create a spiritual memory. Keep the following points in mind, when you choose to travel for Hajj:

Point# 1 – Don’t Listen To Music:

It is prohibited to act in Islam that to listen to music because the melodious attract us. There are many Sunnah and Holly books available that provide the facts of why the restriction is applicable not to listen to music, as it is Haram act. If you want to become a true Muslim and going for the Hajj pilgrimage 2020, then avoid listening to music first.

Point# 2 – Avoid The Habit Of Gambling And Alcohol:

The habit of drinking alcohol and gambling is Haram in Islam because it close to the devil and a Muslim forget Allah. Our beloved prophet (PBUH) strictly prohibited these from habit because Allah doesn’t like this. So if you are going for Hajj commit that you avoid these two habits.

Point#3 – Avoid The Back Beating Habit:

Allah doesn’t like the back beating habit and it is ordered for every Muslim that to avoid it and become a true Muslim. This act comes in bad deed when a Muslim said those words that are not true. If you are making Hajj this year and desire to become a successful journey, then avoid the back beating habit before you travel and become a successful Muslim.

 Point#4 – Income Comes From Interest:

The income that comes from given and take of interest is entirely prohibited. A Muslim can’t perform Hajj obligation with the interest income. Allah can’t accept the worship that is performed by interest income. Halal way income has its own value and Allah will double the reward of worship that is performed by Halal income. Nowadays, one of the best examples of interest is the banking system.

Point#5 – Don’t Wear Those Dresses That Is Prohibited:

Islam allows us to wear full clothing that hides all our body parts. Meanwhile, going for the Hajj pilgrimage, you need to wear Ihram (for male), and women must wear (abaya). As these are the dress of rituals, so avoid wearing casual dresses.

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