Women While Going To Annual Pilgrimage Journey

Essential Elements For Women While Going To Annual Pilgrimage Journey

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Allah has prescribed to perform the pilgrimage journey because it is considering as the fifth pillar of Islam. If a woman performed the ritual of Hajj, thus it is equal to the jihad for a woman according to the words of the Prophet (PBUH) that ” woman’ jihad is their pilgrimage Journey”

Our beloved prophet (PBUH) said, perform the annual pilgrimage because it has no reward except Paradise. Here are some guidelines and provisions for any woman who wants to complete their annual pilgrimage obligation:

Essential Elements For Women

  1. Sincerity: be sincere with Allah is a condition of validity and approval for any act of worship. Meanwhile, the best journey for a woman is the Hajj pilgrimage, beware of ostentation because it makes the action obsolete and leads to punishment.
  2. Beware Of Polytheism: whether it is significant and minor associations. Indeed, the major pantheism excludes its author of Islam, renders his work obsolete that brings at the punishment level. As for minor polytheism, it entails the nullity of the work and cause of punishment.
  3. To Follow The Sunna: conform to the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) constitutes the second condition of validity and approval of the acts for women, our beloved Prophet (PBUH): “Whoever performs an act that does not include in Sunnah is unable to accept will be rejected.”. If you want to learn the authentic Sunnah; thus, you must have to read useful books whose content is supported by valid arguments from the Quran and Sunnah.
  4. Traveling With Mahram: The woman is not allowed to visit for the pilgrimage tour without a legal companion that is Mahram. By the word of the Prophet (PBUH) said that a woman must travel only with a Mahram. The availability of such a companion is a sign of condition for the obligation of pilgrimage to women. Otherwise, the woman is not required to perform the pilgrimage.
  5. Wear The Valid Pilgrimage Dress: It is permissible for the woman who is in the state of Ihram to wear the clothes of her choice. She must avoid anything similar to exhibitionism and the provocation, as tight clothing, transparent, short, etc. In the same way, it is necessary to prevent the wearing of clothes which makes to resemble the men. This allows us to know that the tendency of some women from the mass to favor white or green dresses is not based on any validation.
  6. Avoid Using Fragrance: It is forbidden for the woman in a state of sacralization that to put perfume in her body or her clothes. She is also banned from cutting his nails or removing hair from his body by any means.
  7. Don’t Cover Face: It is also forbidden to wear a Niqab or gloves, according to our beloved Prophet (PBUH): ” Let the woman in the state of Ihram, where neither she wears Niqab nor gloves.” The woman is not allowed to discover her face and hands in front of men who are not her Mahram on the pretext that the wearing of a Niqab or gloves is incompatible with her state of sacralization. Indeed, it is possible to cover one’s face and palms with a piece of cloth, a scarf or other means.
  8. Unconditional Marking Style: some pilgrims mark their entry into a state of sacralization by wearing a kind of turban to prevent their veil or scarf that is directly touching their faces. This is an unnecessary exaggeration since there is no disadvantage that woman cover their face
  9. Don’t Wear Unusual Things: it is not allowed to wear bracelets, watch, gold, etc. If any woman wanted to wear, thus she must surround her jewels with discretion and refrain from showing them to non-Mahram during and after the Hajj pilgrimage obligation.
  10. Unable To Perform Rituals During The Menses: The woman during menstruation is not required to complete the farewell Tawaf. Also, it is ordered that the indisposed woman can go home without performing the circumambulation. However, the sick woman can read prayer books and legal invocations, even if they contain Quranic verses. She can still recite the Quran without touching it.
  11. Don’t Delay In Stone Throwing Ceremony: It is permissible to suspend the stones throwing activity until nightfall if the guardian of the woman finds the accentuation of the jostling around Jamrat al-Aqaba and find any danger for women who accompany it. In this case, it is permitted to delay the stoning while waiting for the attenuation or disappearance stampede.
  12. Avoid Sleeping In Front Of Men: This is what we see during Hajj Pilgrimage; many women who make the pilgrimage with family members without having a tent or shelter can’t protect herself from men’s eyes. They lie on the sidewalks, on the pavement, under bridges, inside the Al-Khaif mosque, in the middle of men or near them. This is one of the most severe behaviors that must be denounced and eliminated.
  13. Hide Hairs: It is not permissible for the woman to show this hair to men (not Mahram). Because the hair is part of what the woman has to hide from men who are not part of her Mahram.
  14. Hide Your Body: Avoid discovering any part of your body especially when you find yourself in front of men, like in public toilets. It is true that some women do not care about the presence of men near these places and they reveal during their ablutions. Meanwhile, it is not permissible to show faces, the arms, and the legs. Some women even remove their veil. All this is forbidden because it can be a great source of temptation.

Indeed, some women do not know that they have to perform the Hajj Pilgrimage Obligation, while others continue to postpone their fulfillment. As a result, they face death. Most of the woman pilgrimage don’t know anything about the rites of pilgrimage. This can lead to the nullity of their pilgrimage because of unawareness.

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