Significance Journey of Makkah

Religious Significance of Makkah

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Makkah is the holy land, sacred place, Allah’s House and the most beloved land to Allah and His Messenger Prophet (S.A.W.W). Moreover, it is a direction of the prayer (Qiblah), the centre of their love and the place for Hajj and Umrah. Allah made this place amongst the most sacred places of the earth and He bestowed His blessings and sanctity upon it the day Allah created it. Holy Kaabah is the first house ever built for worship of Allah on earth. Allah set up a sanctuary so it might be venerated, in which all living being including trees, plants and even birds are not to be disturbed. Even the rewards for deeds performed in Makkah and the prayer in Makkah is equal to one hundred thousand prayers elsewhere. As mentioned in the Quran: [Al-Imran]
“..And whoever enters it shall be safe…”
It is reported in a Hadith that Allah favoured some lands over others and the most beloved land to Allah is Al-Haram (The Holy city). Possessing such a high status and great esteem this Holy Place of Makkah is therefore beloved to all Muslims and hence they desire to visit it at least once in their lifetime.
Furthermore, keeping in view the sanctity and sacredness of this Holy place, pilgrims must take into account the veneration and respect associated with it.  According to one of the Hadiths reported by Jabir Bin Abdullah that Prophet (S.A.W.W) said; “A prayer in Masjid Al-Haram is better (Afzal) than one hundred thousand prayers anywhere else”. Therefore, to get the reward as promised by Allah, one must fulfil the conditions of sincerity (solely for Allah) and following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W).
Likewise, a person must abstain from committing all kinds of sin. But unfortunately it is very much seen during the Holy pilgrimages of Makkah and Madinah that people more often get angry over petty issues and they lose control over themselves. Consequently pilgrims end up losing the blessings of Holy place. Simultaneously, many people dream to take this Holy journey but owing to the financial constraints they lag behind. Therefore, Cheap Umrah Packages offer them a gateway to the sacred place of Makkah for Umrah. From flights to bookings in the hotel, everything will be done at your ease to make a comfortable journey. Now Umrah is made with Umrah packages so that pilgrims can fulfil their dream and pay their salaam to a place which is of great significant import.

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