Weather Of Makkah And Madinah In April

Weather Of Makkah And Madinah In April

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Weather patterns keep on changing throughout the year almost in every region of the world. The fact is that it changes gradually and probably there are small or unnoticeable changes but it happens everywhere. There are also some regions in which the changes are more pronounced than others. Same is the case with the weather of the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The weather is noticed in some areas more carefully than the others owing to the reason that they have a large number of people visiting such places for the sake of traveling or for religious reasons. There are millions of people who travel every year from their home country to these two holy cities. This is the reason why their weather patterns are much more noticeable.

Overall Weather Patterns

As far as the weather of the whole country of Saudi Arabia is concerned, or we look at the two cities in the combine, the weather of this land is obviously taken as hot. There are some specific periods in which the weather becomes pleasantly warm or cold. It usually happens in the mid of the winter season. In Makkah, winter season does not change the weather pattern that much as it does in Madinah where the winter much more noticeable. Talking specifically about April, the weather in this particular month is quite normal as compared to the scorching heat of summer.

Weather Of Makkah

In April, the weather of Makkah becomes hot but not that much as in the months of June and July. The reason is that the weather goes through a gradual change from less hot winter to the hot summer. This is the reason why people coming from low-temperature areas will feel uncomfortable while those from hot areas will take it as normal.

Weather Of Madinah

Madinah becomes quite colder in winter than Makkah which is the reason that the weather in April is quite pleasant. The changing weather from winter to summer gives the April a very normal environment for the pilgrims to come and visit this place. In both of the months, March and April, and at times in May also the weather is quite normal for the pilgrims to visit. April cannot be problematic for those who come from cold areas. As for those coming from hot areas, it is definitely enjoyable.

What’s Suitable For Pilgrims?

Pilgrims always prefer the mediocre weather in which there is no any trouble regarding the harshness of weather. This is the reason why the months like March, April and the early days of May can be considered as the best time for them to come. Along with them, the months like September (usually late days), October and November are considered to be normal and perfect for the pilgrims. The harshness of weather can also be problematic for old pilgrims or children as well as for the sick people who are not able to tolerate it. If you also want to perform Umrah in the month of April than book your Umrah Easter Deals Form Makkah Tour, A name of reliable and registered Hajj and Umrah Travel Agents in London United Kingdom.

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