Hateem e Kaabah

The History and Religious significance of Hateem

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It is evident from many Ahadith that Hijr (Hateem) is a part of Baitullah and tawaf is included in accordance with the ruling of Hateem. It is mentioned in the Quran
‘And perform Tawaf around the Ancient House’

Therefore, Tawaf is necessary or obligatory. If someone does not include Hateem in Tawaf then the Tawaf is incomplete. Hijr is a place where Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) left his wife and son in Makkah. When Quraysh reconstructed the Kaabah, they added some parts of Kaabah into Hijr. When Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e-Zubair (R.A) reconstructed it he removed that part from Hijr. But after his death, Hajaj again added that part into Hijr and till today Kaabah is on those grounds. Therefore, some part of Hijr is a part of Baitullah but the rest is not. It is mentioned in a Hadith narrated by Hazrat Ayesha (R.A), ‘if people would not have newly converted into Islam I would have reconstructed the Kaabah with two doors, one in the eastern side and one in the western direction. And I would have added a pace of six hands from Hijr into Kaabah because Quraysh removed a portion of it while its reconstruction’. Ibn-e-Umar (R.A) said, ‘If Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) is mentioning such hadith then it makes sense that why Prophet (S.A.W.W) never touched the side of Kaabah from Hijr (during Tawaf) because it was not contrasted on its real grounds’.
Religious Significance
 It is mentioned in various Ahadith that if a person enters into Hateem then he has entered Baitullah. Ibn-e-Abbas (R.A) narrated a Hadith from Prophet (S.A.W.W), ‘offer prayer at the place of righteous people and drink the drink of virtuous people’. He was asked ‘what is the place of righteous people”’ Prophet (S.A.W.W) said, ‘under Hijr’. And when he was asked about the Drink of righteous people he said, ‘The water of Zam-Zam’.
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