Amazing and rulings of Ihram

The religious significance and rulings of Ihram

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Ihram is a state of purity in which pilgrims enter while going for Hajj or Umrah. Pilgrims should not only wear it as a physical dress but they should rather apply it to their internal purity as well. Ihram signifies the state of internal purity for which one has to abstain from all kinds of sin.
Rulings of Ihram
·         Men should wear white unstitched cloth from their belly to their ankle. Do not tie belt or anything on it. Then wear another white cloth around your shoulders in such a way that only right shoulder is left open at the time of Tawaf
·         Men should not wear any kind of stitched cloth during Ihram. However, women can wear all kinds of stitched cloth but they should cover their head and hair in an appropriate way. Wearing a head scarf will not break their Ihram therefore; women can do ablution by removing this scarf. For Hijab, women should wear a type of cloth which does not touch their faces; however, it can cover their face at the same time.

·         Men and women should not cut their body hair; they should not cut their nails. Also, in the state of Ihram men and women are forbidden to apply perfume. They should avoid using perfume cleansing soaps, mascara, sweets.
·         Men should not wear close shoes, gloves, socks. They should wear simple slippers or such shoe through which the foot’s upper bone is visible. However, women can wear socks and close shoes. During Ihram men and women should not even talk about lust or anything else.
·         During Ihram one can wear bag around the neck, can wear watch and glasses. Also, one can tie a purse around the back to keep money safe.

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