Returning From Umrah

Things to Do After Returning From Umrah

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Umrah is a life-changing experience in one’s lifetime as it completely eradicates a person’s sins and purifies his heart and soul. However, you need to keep in mind that Shaytaan is always at his work to make you go astray from the path of righteousness. Thus, you need to be adamant about what you have to do. Some things to do after you return from your Umrah have been mentioned below:

Maintain Your Close Contact with Allah

Now that you are back from Umrah does not mean that you get back to your old habits. Your spirituality is not limited to the house of Allah and that is what you need to realize. You need to pray regularly and keep your proximity to Allah. Ensure that you do not get tangled in Shaytaan’s deceiving. It is a tough thing to do but, everything is possible, and you need to remember that Allah only tests his faithful followers.

Always Remember Allah in Everything You Do

Once you return from Umrah, you will be talking more of Allah for a certain time until your routine becomes what it was before. However, you need to know the importance of mentioning Allah in your talk. Once you get to hold onto that, you will never switch back to your old habits as the reward is far greater than you can imagine. You need to make others aware of the importance of just mentioning the Almighty’s name.

Encourage Others to Pray

When you get back home, you realize the importance of prayer and it becomes an obligation for you to encourage your youngsters who are bound to pray yet do not pray. It becomes your duty to explain to them why and how you should pray. Allah chose you to perform Umrah in His home and He has bestowed upon you the responsibility of preaching His religion to other people.

Leave Your Old Bad Habits and Switch To Good Habits

It is always a very tough thing to leave your bad habits and switch to good ones. However, when you get back from your Umrah, you will know how essential it is for you to let go of the bad habits in your life. These bad habits might be very small-scale, but they can always have devastating effects in your life which you may not be aware of. As it is said, “The weight of many small things can sometimes outweigh the burden of a little number of big things”. It shows that if you do many minor bad deeds, they may exceed the punishment of 1 major bad deed.

Be Caring Towards Others

You need to learn to be more caring when it comes to others. It may not only be limited to your family and friends, you also have to nice to strangers that you meet on your way in your daily lives. Learn to respect others for whom they are and never judge anyone according to their race or gender. Allah is always watching!

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