Women Hajj Obligation

Women And Hajj Obligation

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The Woman Also Participate in the Final Pilgrimage Obligation Toward Mecca, Isn’t So?

Have you ever thought that spiritual obligation is also important for a woman, just like a male? In Islam, every person has its equal value whether it is male or female, then why the restriction applies for a woman. To perform the Islamic worship (Hajj and Umrah), a pilgrim has to travel toward Saudi Arabia, while following the travel rules.

As it is a strict rule that a woman must travel with their Mahram, whether it is father, brother or husband. Indeed, performing Hajj once in a blue moon is a compulsory act for all Muslims (male or female). How to travel toward Saudi Arabia? For making your journey special, you need to consult a reputable travel agency for booking your Hajj package 2020.

Consulting Makkah Tour, you will get the chance to travel in a group and those women who are above 45 years’ age can travel without a mahram. In Islam, the value of Hajj obligation is equal to jihad. Makkah Tour provide the best opportunity to travel in a cheap and affordable price while getting a cheap Hajj package 2020.

 In Islam, Hajj Is Also Essential For Woman

A woman who travels for the very first time, unable to know how to deal with strangers and how to make their Hajj ritual special. Makkah Tour offer one or two-day seminar or special hajj instruction classes. Women need special attention at the time of performing Hajj rituals. Must have the right intention from the moment when a woman enters the world of Ihram for the sake of fulfilling the Hajj rituals. Keep some prohibition in mind during Hajj obligation:

  1. The woman has no right to wear gloves or cover her face.
  2. Woman unable to have intimate relations with her husband, during the spiritual journey.
  3. Woman can’t wear another dress rather than a woman Ihram that is abaya.
  4. It is prohibited to use cosmetic and hygiene products that have a smell (fragrant soap, shampoo, toothpaste).
  5. Avoid different aromatic oils, deodorants, and creams, etc.

The prohibitions apply, when a woman travels toward the sacred land and ends until the obligation ends. You have to leave everything like the worldly affairs and get the intention of Allah.

For women, there is no strict indication of what she will wear to perform the Hajj rituals, but it is desirable to wear abaya.  All other requirements for women’s attire pilgrims correspond to those that she must comply with appearance. If you wanted to fulfill the religious obligation just for getting the best reward from Allah Almighty, thus connect with Makkah Tour and book your Hajj Package today.


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