Historical Islamic Places in Makkah

Historical Places in Makkah

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Apart from visiting the Holy Kaabah and Madinah, Hajj and Umrah also signify the importance of other sacred places located within the realm of Makkah and Madina. Here is a list of some of these historical places to guide you about places you would want to visit.

Birth place of Prophet Muhammad (Saww)

The place where Prophet (Saww) was born is located in the close vicinity of Al-Haram Mosque. It is located at a distance of 5 to 6 minutes from the main Mosque.


The famous  Graveyard of Makkah where Prophet’s(Saww) beloved wife Hazrat Khadija (R.A), Prophet’s (Saww) mother, Companions of Prophet and many others are buried. The graveyard is located on the way to Mina on Gaza Street near Al-Haram Mosque.

Masjid Al’ra’et:

This is the place where Prophet Muhammad (Saww) mounted his flag at the time of conquest of Makkah (Fateh-Makkah).

Masjid Al-Jinn:

Also known as Masjid Al-Haras is built near the graveyard of Jannat-ul-Mu’ala. It is named after the incident when Prophet (Saww)was accompanying Abdullah Ibn Masood (R.A) and Prophet Saww started reciting the Quran and all of sudden the troops of Jinn started to arrive and they took oath (Bayt) from Prophet (Saww).

Masjid Ai’sha:

Also known as Masjid Al-Taneem , this mosque is located outside the boundaries of Haram. The mosque is at a distance of about 4 miles away from Holy Kaabah between Makkah and Madinah. If someone is living in Makkah and wants to perform Umrah then they will have to enter into Ihram from here.

Masjid Abdul Aziz:

For those who want to perform Umrah they will have to enter into Ihram from this mosque.

Mount Thour(Jabl-e-Sor)

This mountain is located at a distance of about six miles from Makkah. Cave Thour is located on this mountain.  This is the place where Prophet (Saww) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) spendthree beforeHijrat.

Mount Nur (Jabl-e-Nur)

This mountain is three miles away on way to Mina from Makkah. The mountain is about two thousand ft. high. The famous cave Hira is situated on this mountain where Prophet (Saww) received His first revelation as mentioned in the Quran: [Surah al-Alaq 46: 1-5]:

“Read in the name of your Lord who created, Who created man out of a clot of congealed blood. Read, and your Lord is most Bountiful, Who taught (man) the use of pen, Taught man what he knew not.”

The Prophet Saww used to spend His time of solitude in this cave.

House of Hazrat Khadija (R.A):

Prophet SAWW stayed here till His Hijrat towards Madinah. All of his children were born here except Hazrat Ibrahim (R.A). The house is situated in Fatimah al-zahra Street. This house is now converted into Dar-ul-Hifz where children memorize Quran.

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