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New Visa Fee For the UK in 1440 AH Year

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Now the Umrah visas for the citizens of the United Kingdom have been opened and anyone from Great Britain can now apply for an Umrah visa without waiting anymore. There is no change in the prices for the Umrah visa for UK citizens and the prices remain the same as they were in the previous year. A few people may be getting worried a bit about the possible increase in the prices of Umrah prices if someone is applying from the United Kingdom but now all such concerns should vanish within no time as the news is confirmed that there is no increase in the prices for Umrah visa for the year 1440 AH.

UK Citizens Looking for Umrah Visa

If someone is planning to go for an Umrah and he or she is currently residing in the UK, then there is good news for him or her and the news is that he or she can get the Umrah visa in a short time and they will be no increased visa processing delay. People are always afraid regarding the possible delay in the visa processing due to various reasons and everyone wants his or her visa to be processed as early as possible. The reason behind is that people have a set schedule and they don’t want their schedule to be disturbed and they want the things to go on as per their plan. As a result, they want their visa to be processed in the expected time so that they can perform Umrah as per their planned schedule.

Increased Fee If an Individual Already Performed an Umrah

There is news that the Saudi government will charge extra amount from all those people who have already performed an Umrah one or more times before and now they are again planning to go for an Umrah trip. Keep in mind that the visa rules are different for different countries and as per this extra fee for the UK citizens are concerned, there are no confirmed reports regarding this news. The reason behind is that this news is not yet confirmed by the Saudi government. However, there are a few Umrah service providers who are claiming that as per their reliable sources, an increased amount will be charged from all those people who have performed an Umrah before and are now again going to Saudi Arabia in order to perform an Umrah.

Although a few Umrah service providers have confirmed this news still, this news can be considered as confirmed as the Saudi government has not yet confirmed this news. However, the possibility of this extra amount being charged cannot be ignored as there is no official denial from Saudi Arabian government is available yet in this regard and there is a possibility that such an extra amount will be charged on repeated applications for Umrah visa but nothing can be said with full surety at the moment. However, it is confirmed that the Umrah visas are now opened for UK citizens and they can apply from within the UK for an Umrah visa.

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